R+D Robotics

Robotics Jump Start

Get a Jump Start into the world of robotics using Lego Technics, Mindstorms EV3 and Virtual Robotics software.  One Friday evening + One Saturday and you’ll be ready to move on to our self-paced R+D Robotics Challenge.

Robotics Challenge

Robotics Jump Start is just the beginning.  With these skills, each child can continue learning from home.  They can enter the Robotics Challenge!  The RVW Virtual Robot works closely together with the On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming curriculum to guide the Robotics learning process.  With each unit of learning in the on-line curriculum the RVW Virtual Robot presents questions & exercises and tracks whether the exercises have been completed successfully.  In addition, each section of the curriculum presents an overall challenge requiring you to bring all the skills you have learned up to that point together.

If you get stuck or have a problem, there is help.  See the Robotics Club schedule below, pick one and show up to get the help you need.

Robotics Club Upcoming Meetings

Regularly scheduled sessions intended to support students participating in the Robotics Challenge.  These sessions will be geared towards helping students overcoming obstacles in the self-paced On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming curriculum and providing one-on-one learning for participants.