Computer Setup for Robotics Challenge

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Install LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Programming Software

Install Programming Software

  1. Get LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Programming Software
    • Included on R+D Robotics USB Drive – See Folder –> 1 – Robotics Software\Lego-Mindstorms-EV3-Software
      • OR
    • Download from EV3 Software Download page
  2. Run Setup Program (Example: LMS-EV3-WIN32-ENUS-01-02-02-full-setup.exe)

Install Extra Sensor Blocks

  1. Get Extra Sensor Blocks
    • Included on R+D Robotics USB Drive – See Folder –> 1 – Robotics Software\EV3-Sensor-Blocks
      • OR
    • Go to Mindstorms Download page – Scroll down, find the EV3 Software Block Download section
      • Download Ultrasonic Sensor Block
      • Download Gyro Sensor Block
  2. Install Extra Sensor Blocks (This only needs to be done once and the blocks are permanently installed)
    1. Open Mindstorms EV3 Programming Software
    2. Create a Project (click plus (+) sign in upper left portion of screen)
    3. Select Tools –> Block Import –> Browse to where you downloaded Ultrasonic Sensor Block
    4. Select Ultrasonic.ev3b and Click Open button
    5. In Select Blocks to Import list, Ultrasonic.ev3b should be highlighted
    6. Click Import
    7. Select Gyro.ev3b and Click Open button
    8. In Select Blocks to Import list, Select Gyro.ev3b
    9. Click Import

Install RVW Virtual Brick

Verify System Compatibility

Install RVW Virtual Brick

** It is recommended that you run this installation using an Administrator account on the computer OR right-click on the installation program and select “Run as Administrator” in the pop-up menu.

** You will be prompted several times during this installation process.  It will perform several installations as part of the process.  You will need to accept and install each component.

  1. Get RVW Virtual Brick
    • Included on R+D Robotics USB Drive – See Folder –> 1 – Robotics Software\RVW VirtualBrick
      • OR
    • Download from Robot Virtual Worlds Download page.  Look for RVW Virtual Brick and download it.
  2. Run Setup Program (Example: VirtualBrick252.exe)

For additional about this installation information:

  • Download the Virtual Brick Guide
  • Find and review the Setup -> Installation section (~pg 10-12)

Acquire RVW Virtual Brick License

** Sometimes there are promotional licenses available.  When they are not available, you will need to purchase a license at RVW Virtual Brick site.  Find and click on Purchase link on the RVW Virtual Brick site.

  • Note:  You can purchase a 365 day license which is less expensive or a perpetual license which does not expire.

For Summer 2017:

  • License ID: 80036617
  • Password: 2W5G4788

License RVW Virtual Brick

  1. Find and Launch Virtual Brick on your computer
    • Check your desktop for an icon called Launch Virtual Brick.
    • From your Start Menu, find RVW Virtual Brick program group, open it and click Launch Virtual Brick
  2. When prompted, Input License Information

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