Robotics Challenge Participant Information

Welcome to the Robotics Challenge!

We have tried to collect all of the relevant information you will need for the Robotics Challenge here on this page.  There are some links to other pages, but this page will (hopefully) help you navigate the challenge.  Before anything else, let’s remember…

Find Upcoming Robotics Club Sessions

What’s the best way to learn?!?! –> “Fail Well”

  • Be prepared to make mistakes… 
  • Make mistakes and don’t feel bad about it 
  • Try again with a good attitude 
  • If you are repeatedly stuck, try to find a new approach to the problem
  • Still stuck?!?  Ask for help…  Everyone needs help while learning!

What to Do to Get Started

First of all, if your child has taken the Robotics Jump Start class, they have already learned how to use the components you need to install on your computer.  They may need help figuring out how to access the on-line curriculum.  See Number #4 below for a link to the on-line curriculum and consider setting up a shortcut in your browser or on your desktop to get to the on-line curriculum.

  1. Setup Computer at Home
  2. Get a (CS-STEM) Account
  3. Join the Robotics Challenge Group
  4. Accessing the EV3 Introduction to Programming On-Line Curriculum —

Need More Help Getting Started?

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below
  2. Really, Really Stuck? Go to to see when and where the next Robotics Club is scheduled and make plans to come and get help.  No sign-up needed.  First-come, first-serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)