R+D Robotics Challenge


Robotics Jump Start is just the beginning.  Our Jump Start class teaches kids to work with the following components together.

With these skills, each child can continue learning from home.  They can enter the Robotics Challenge!  The RVW Virtual Robot works closely together with the On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming curriculum to guide the Robotics learning process.  With each unit of learning in the on-line curriculum the RVW Virtual Robot presents questions & exercises and tracks whether the exercises have been completed successfully.  In addition, each section of the curriculum presents an overall challenge requiring you to bring all the skills you have learned up to that point together.

Upon completion of the  On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming each child is equipped to participate in various Robotics programs including programs like FIRST (For Inspiration IScience & Technology.  Additionally, your child will have learned some of the basic principles of Computer Programming at the same time they learn about Robotics!


Each participant needs to have EITHER:

How it Works

  1. Sign-up Anytime – we use online tracking software to track progress, so you can set a schedule that meets your needs.  We try to assemble groups of participants together several times a year.
  2. Setup at Home – configure a home computer with the components needed to participate in the Robotics Challenge.  Need help? See Help Available below.
  3. Get Help Along the Way – there are obstacles along the way which requires help.  We offer regular Robotics Club meetings (See Calendar or Robotics Club Events for upcoming sessions).  No sign-up required, just show up and get help.
  4. Get Rewarded – This is a BIG challenge, so we encourage parents to consider identifying a reward or prize for successful completion of the Robotics Challenge.  In addition, we offer a prize to the most recent participants who completed the challenge the fastest.

Interested?  Contact R+D Robotics Coordinator to get started!

Curriculum Overview

From: On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming

  1. Movement
    1. Moving Straight
    2. Turning
  2. Sensors
    1. Move Until Touch
    2. Move Until Near
    3. Turn for Angle
    4. Move Until Color
  3. Decisions
    1. Loops
    2. Switches
    3. Switch-Loops
    4. Line Follower

Participant Resources

If you are participating in the Robotics Challenge, see our Participant Resources for more information including:

  • Information for Getting Started
  • Challenge Details & Checklists
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Setup Help Available

If you are not tech-savvy, but have the necessary computer equipment at home to support your child’s involvement in this Robotics Challenge, help is available!  We will work with you to get your child successfully going at home.  Contact R+D Robotics Coordinator for assistance.