Guidance for Requesting an Event


Please review the following information that will help you successfully Request an Event.  Many items on the Request an Event form are pretty straight forward, but there are few things that will require some thought and preparation.

Important Note: Incomplete or partial information will slow down the publication of your event.


There are two types of events you can request:

  • Calendar Only Events – will display only on the Site Calendar.  This type of event requires less information, but won’t collect registrations for you.
  • Registration Required Events – will display on the Site Calendar and in the list of Upcoming Events.  Those who want to participate in your event will be expected to register using the web site.

The most important question to ask is “Does your Event need to gather Registration Information”?

  • If NO, (Calendar Only Event) then expect that after approval your event will be placed on the Event Calendar and may also be added to the Weekly Announcement slides for Celebration Service.
  • If YES, (Registration Required Event) then expect that after approval your event will be placed on the Event Calendar, added to the Weekly Announcement slides at an appropriate time and will be listed on the Events Page.

The following diagram will help you start to understand what information you will have to input on the Event Request form for your event.  You can learn more details by going through the Event Request form and starting to fill it out.  As you set some answers, the form will dynamically change and show more fields and information.  The form automatically adjusts based on your inputs and answers to allow you to input all the relevant information for your Event.

Request Event Flow

Important Concepts to Understand for Events

Once an event is setup on the site, the web site will manage quite a bit of the Event Registration process for you.  It will also automate key items that will make your life much easier.  Thoroughly thinking through and setting up your event can and will save you time later on.

  • Providing quick access to Event Information to any interested parties without additional effort on your part (emails, phone calls, etc)
  • Email delivery of key information at important times in the Event Registration life-cycle
    • Notifies Event Contacts and Event Coordinators of new registrations
  • Automatic tracking of attendee information and status

Creating a Good Event Description

Filling out the Request an Event form will take care of collecting many of the key pieces of information required to effectively communicate your event to potential attendees.  However, you will still need to spend some time preparing a good event description.

You will need to provide both a Detailed event description and an Excerpted event description.

  • Detailed event descriptions show up when someone opens your event in full page mode to review the details or register for your event
  • Excerpted event descriptions show up as teaser text when your event is shown in a list of events.  Your excerpt should attract potential attendees to click through to your event and review the Detailed event description.

A good Event Description is thoroughly thought out and structured to allow potential attendees to easily access and understand all the relevant information for your Event.

In your Description You should always answer a few simple, but important questions:

  1. Who is the event for? (i.e. who is the target audience?
  2.  What is the event about?

Also consider the following questions:

  1. Are there any advance preparations or requirements for attendees of the event?
  2. Will there be any expectations at the event for attendees that they should be aware of in advance?
  3. Will there be any special guests attending that you should highlight?
  4. Are there any links to other web sites that would provide additional information?

Using Supporting Files & Images

You are able to upload a number of Supporting Files & Images for your event.  This is optional and in many cases you don’t need to provide any Supporting Files and/or Images.  If you need them, please use the following guidance:

For Images

  • Event Banner – please name the banner file in an obvious way (event_banner.jpg, event_banner.gif, etc)
    • Width: 960px
    • Height Range: 200-400px
    • at least 72 dpi
  • Event Logo – please name the logo file in an obvious way (event_logo.jpg, event_logo.gif, etc)

For any other types of images, you will need to provide clear instructions for how you expect the images to be used.

Allowed Image Types

  • jpg, gif, png

For Documents

  • Downloadable Files on Event Page
  • Email Attachments

Allowed Document Types

  • pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf

Events with Registration

  1. Do you need attendees to register for your event?
    • If no, your event will only show up on the Church Calendar
    • If yes, you have a number of things to consider.  See Section – Events with Registration below.

Events with Registration / Ticketing

Important Concept

In many cases, one person will register for one or more attendees at the same time.  The person performing the registration process is known as the Primary Registrant and any attendees the primary registrant also registers are called Additional Registrants.  For example, a parent might register themselves and their children.  In this case, the parent is the Primary Registrant and the children are Additional Registrants.

Questions to Consider

  1. Will there be any charges for your event?
    • If so, will you have 1 type of ticket (“Standard”) or more than 1 type of ticket?  If you need more than one type of ticket, you will be supplying the name of each ticket type (ex: two ticket types – Adult Ticket, Child Ticket)
  2. What data do you want to collect for registrants?  (See Data You Can Collect for Your Event below)
  3. Do you need to have information for each attendee?  Or do you only need information for the primary registrant?

Data You Can Collect for Your Event

Collectable Information Fields Collected Available For Notes
Personal Information First Name (Required)

Last Name (Required)

Email (Required)

Primary & Additional Registrants Email is required for all attendees.  For children a duplicate value may be used.
Address Information Address



Zip Code


Primary & Additional Registrants
Age Age Primary & Additional Registrants
Allergies Information Allergies

Allergy Details

Primary & Additional Registrants Allergies – Multiple selection list of common food allergies (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy) and an “other – see allergy details” value.

Allergy Details – Free from text field to collect any other allergy information not in the common allergy list

Driving Information Can You Drive?

Additional Passengers

Fuel Cost Help

Primary Registrant Only If your event needs drivers with vehicles to transport attendees to the event, this will allow you to collect people who are willing to supply a car and transport others.  These questions will be presented to collect the registrant’s willingness to drive and does not assume they will drive.  It is up to the people organizing the event to make the final decision(s) regarding transportation and communicate them to the relevant parties outside of the event registration system.

Important Notes:

  • Registrants will be prompted to provide the number of additional passengers they can accommodate above and beyond the people they are currently registering for the event
  • Registrants will also be prompted to indicate whether they will need any help with fuel costs.  Some participants may be able to drive if they can share the fuel costs with others
Emergency Contact Information Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Phone

Primary & Additional Registrants  Emergency Contact information is best used for Adult Registrants.  If you are expecting to collect registration for children who will participate in the event without there parents, then use the Parent 1 and Parent 2 information field groups.
Food Type of Food

Food Description

Primary & Additional Registrants Type of Food – Multiple selection list of types of food (appetizer, snack, salad, side dish, main course, dessert, drink, other)

Food Description – description of food

Gender Gender Primary & Additional Registrants Male or Female
Parent 1 & Parent 2 Information Parent Name

Parent Phone

Parent Email


Emergency Contact?

Primary & Additional Registrants You can collect Parental information for a Registrant.  You can collect this information for one or two parents.  This information does support step-parent, foster parent or legal guardianship through the Relationship field.

If you are collecting Parent information, we recommend that you do not collect Emergency Contact information as well since this group of fields allows one or both parents to be marked as an Emergency Contact for the child Registrant.

Important Note: Parent 2 Information is always Optional.  Any requests to collect Parent 2 Information as required will be ignored.

Parental Consent Parental Consent Primary & Additional Registrants Checkbox with legal text which allows a parent to signify their consent for a child under their legal guardianship to participate in the event.
Phone Phone – Primary

Phone Type

Accepts Texts?

Primary & Additional Registrants
Special Considerations Special Considerations Primary & Additional Registrants This is a catch all field to collect any additional inputs from registrants who want to express any Special Considerations for their involvement in the event.