R+D Robotics Jump Start

Class Information


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Looking for a way to get your child started on a FIRST team or learning Robotics?

Sign-up and jump start your child into the world of Robotics. This class emphasizes using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics platform with Lego Technics.

This is a hands-on class. Your child will be building with Lego Technics, creating Robotic programs and running them on a virtual and/or real robot.

Important Note:

  • At the conclusion of the class on Saturday, we include an optional 30-45 minute session for parents to learn how to install and configure all the components needed for your child to continue their learning at home.

Cost & Schedule

  • $30 – includes a take home small Lego Technic kit, snacks and lunch on Saturday
  • Friday Evening – 5:30-8pm
  • Saturday – 9:30-4pm (lunch and plenty of play time included)


  • Introduction to Lego Mindstorms EV3 Brick (the Robot “Brain”), Motors, Sensors, and Programming
  • Building with Lego Technics – a new type of Lego’s to make new types of Lego creations
  • Pseudo-code – learn to think like a robot to know how to program a robot
  • Learn how to use the RVW Virtual Robot
  • This class uses the On-Line Curriculum: EV3 Introduction to Programming – the RVW Virtual Robot is designed to work with this curriculum.
  • Programming Movement with RVW Virtual Robot – Going straight, turning (pivots & spins)
  • Programming with 1 Sensor

Next Steps – R+D Robotics Challenge!

  • Using skills gained in the Robotics Jump Start along with the RVW Virtual Robot and On-Line Introduction to EV3 Robot Programming curriculum join the Robotics Challenge which will be supported by the Robotics Club for anytime your child encounters challenges in the learning process.
  • Progress will be tracked and the other children also taking the challenge will hear how their peers are doing!  It’s a great way to keep each kid motivated to continue the learning process and develop friendships with other kids who love robotics.
  • We are also looking at prizes for anyone who completes the challenge!!!
  • Interested? Check out the Robotics Challenge!